DW German TV shows 5 portraits of people, whoms lives have changed with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Bettina Flitner is one of them. In english.

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What was the German Democratic Republic for you?
Exposition in a former socialist village Cultural Center of Mestlin. In german.
NDR, 11.09 2014

In french:
ARTE, 8.11.2014


Opening of the Exposition, the 15.4.2011 in Potsdam. In german.

Potsdam-TV, 16.4.2011


Interview with Bettina Flitner in Foto-TV.
In german.


Poverty in our neighbourhood

A photowork made on assignment for the Caritas about poverty. "Boatpeople"  Westart Magazin, WDR 13.3.2008.
In german.


50 Years of Misereor

Bettina Flitner travelled on assignment for the catholic aid organsiation "Misereor" to three continents. This documentation of the German Television shows her work for the 50th anniversary of the largest aid organisation of Germany (12.2.2008). In german.

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My enemy

The film. Together with the camera woman Christel Fomm, Bettina Flitner documented the spontaneous and passionate controversial reactions of the people to the photographs MY ENEMY, shown as an installation in public space in Cologne. The film, which received numerous awards, was broadcast by the WDR (West German Broadcasting Corporation) and shown at multiple festivals, among others at the Berlin film festival Berlinale. WDR, 30 Min. In german.

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Foto Porträt Westart (20074 Byte )

portrait Bettina Flitner  

Short portrait of Bettina Flitner in "WestArt", WDR,17.06. 2004

See the video (german): 

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Durch das Auge ins Herz

Portrait by Carsten Hueck,
DW German TV, 2002, 26 Min.
In english.

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More films about bettina flitner 

Viva femmes - vous avez dit femmes Portrait by Raphael Engel,
TSR (Television suisse), 1999, 12 Min.

Fotos wie ein Film im Kopf
portrait by Sabine Stadtmüller,
WDR, 1992, 29 Min.

About the work of Bettina Flitner  

Tagesthemen, Nachtmagazin, ARD, 21.09.2005

Kulturzeit, 3Sat, 18.11.2004, "Hall of women"

Titel, Thesen, Temperamente, ARD, 14.11.2004, "Unbeschreiblich weiblich"