Double premiere of the books "Frauen mit Visionen" und "L'Europe au feminin" 
at  the french ambassy in Berlin

On the occasion of the European election the French ambassador invited to the double premiere of the book "Women with Visions" and "L'Europe au feminin" at the French embassy in Berlin, Pariser Platz. Among the guests were also some of the women beeing portrayed for this porject. From the nehterlands came the filmdirector Marleen Gorris, from Switzerland the fashion designer Christa de Carouge, from Luxemburg star cook Lea Linster and from Germany were there: Alice Schwarzer, the cartoonist Franziska Becker, the publisher Friede Springer, the architect Dörte Gatermann and the former ministerin Christine Bergmann. And - of course - there was lots of caviar and champaign....

Botschaft 0 (72927 Byte )
Ambassador Claude Martin and guests

Botschaft 2 (49327 Byte )
Minister Renate Schmidt, Bettina Flitner, Alice Schwarzer

Botschaft 3 (47581 Byte )
Bettina Flitner and guests

Botschaft 4 (51651 Byte )
Christine Bergmann, Bettina Flitner, Claude Martin, Alice Schwarzer

Botschaft 5 (35693 Byte )
Lea Linster and Bettina Flitner