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Museum of Communication Berlin, Installation 2002

The  „European women“ on tour in Germany and Europe.

The exhibition "European women" "Europäerinnen" shows 200 photographs of 60 female personalities coming from politics, economy and society. The photo essays contain 2 -4 photographs of each person and are accompanied by short biographies written by Alice Schwarzer. List of names in the exhibition

Tina Keck, Agentur laif, t.keck@laif.de

The next exhibitions

Cologne: Photokina 2008 from 23th until 28th of september 2008 in Cologne. More


The virtual exhibition is made by students of architecture of the Technical Institute of Darmstadt.

Former exhibitions of the "European women"

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin 2002
steirischer herbst/ Kulturhauptstadt Graz, Österreich 2003
ART Cologne/ Galerie von Loeper, Köln 2003
Swiss Re, München 2004
Galerie Kampl, München 2004
Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin 2004/2005 
Finnland ART Museum Tampere, Finnland 2005 mehr 
Frankfurt am Main Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt am Main (20.4.-04.06.2005)
Frankfurt am Main Museum für Kommunikation, Schaumainkai 53, 60596 Frankfurt (22.9.-13.11.2005) Rahmenprogramm
Ulm Stadthaus Ulm, Münsterplatz 38, 89073 Ulm (9.12. 2005 - 26.2.2006), Eröffnung 9.12.2005
Biblioteca Nacional, Goethe-Institut, Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia, Institut Francais, Istituto Italiano die Cultura,
Goethe-Institut, Calle Zurbaran 21, Madrid 17.1. - 21.2.2006
Brussels 8.3. - 21.05.2007 more
Galerie der Stadthalle Merzig, 10.2.-16.3.2008

Fotos of former exhibitions