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I'm Proud to be a Nationalist


The youths are from the fringes of Berlin. They wear combat boots, jackets with stickers "White Power" and their heads are shaved. But what does it really mean for these young men (and very few young women) aged between 14 and 20 to be "nationalistic"? Why are they "proud to be a German?" Bettina Flitner asked and photographed them. "What radiates from her pictures is exactly what Hannah Arendt already decades ago called the banality of evil ", this was the explanation of the jury for handing out the special award of the Flashback-award for political photography for this work. The work was first shown at the ART Cologne in an eerie installation (Gallery von Loeper).

I'm Proud to be a Nationalist 15-piece photographic work, 2000

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