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My Monument

Do you deserve a personal monument? And if yes, for what?
Do you deserve a personal monument? And if yes, for what? For a few weeks in the spring of 1994 Bettina Flitner moved her studio to the rooms of the "Center for Self Help" of the Cologne suburb Chorweiler, which is considered a ‘bad neighborhood.’ She asked passers-by if they didn’t think that they deserved a monument for their life. And if yes: for what. Some women just walked on shaking their heads, but most followed her and selected the adequate props for their monument: A crown or a sword, wings or a helmet… The result were 12 monuments for women. They are heroes of everyday life who struggle day by day in order to survive. Tired but alert warriors who are touching, harrowing and funny all at once.

My Monument 12-piece photographic work, 1996